Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Baths

Here are some pics taken on the boat trip to the Baths, Virgin Gorda BVI. I used my Canon D10 with no photo shop. It's really just that beautiful! :-)

I have to share a funny story. I shared these pics on my facebook page and a friend of mine, who lives here, responded and it cracked me up. So I have to post her comments:

....I went there. Noone told me it was a bunch of rocks!! I thought it was hot water natural spring baths....pissed me off. The guide just stared at me like a dumb blonde. Pissed me off more. ;-)
...And it's absolutely true. Been living here for years. Dated a boatee as you know. Work in a public area. Heard people talk about being at the Baths, going to the Baths, bringing visitors to the Baths. Not once did I hear "rocks" come out of anyone's mouth. It took wanting to take a day trip on Limnos 5 for me to find out it is just a bunch of rocks. Even the word "Baths" has absolutely nothing to do with hot spring water!!! LOL

I love it! Because secretly I thought the same thing the first time I went there! LOL But it really is beautiful no matter what its called :-)


Sandi said...

I have those same exact pictures!! Loved The Baths.....brings back great memories....thanks for sharing

Debra said...

Great pix of the baths. I know someone down there who is planning to go "soak in the natural baths" this weekend.