Thursday, April 29, 2010


This morning at 4:00am was the official kickoff of the Carnival 2010 with J'ouvert. To quote Ronnie Lockhart on the Eveything and anything Virgin Islands fan page on Facebook:

j'ouvert: French meaning open day. This has been interpreted as the begining of the day and the carnival as well. Should start before the sun comes up and be over shortly after. Lately, including today, they have been starting after the sun is up for security. Too n...bad the thugs have spoiled it for everyone else. J'ouvert is too sanitary these days. Long gone are the clashes, up and down the waterfront tramping, Main Street tramping, tramping from the country, tramping from Sub Base. None of these are 'allowed' anymore!

Today's sayin': Don' stop de carnival!!: An old one used everytime somebody has the idea to end it! Imagine that. Even used as a title for a popular book by Herman WOuk.See More
I won't be participating in any of the carnival activities this year because we have a big project at work and we're working the whole weekend while there are no users on the system. But here are a few pics posted by friends on Facebook of this mornings activities. Enjoy!

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